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KS Engineering GmbH is mostly active in the plastics industry! The business segments are: Consulting, Marketing and Engineering. 

The company owner Kurt Schuepbach drives Consulting. He is in the industry for almost 35 years and has worldwide experiences. He is educated as mechanical engineer with advanced study as plastic engineer. Management skills in worldwide active companies. Experiences in establishing sales and manufacturing organizations around the globe. He is oriented in Strategy-, Change management- and Industry 4.0-projects. The approach is team and shirtsleeve straightened! 

Marketing/Sales is concentrated on two product lines: machine shut-off nozzles and sandwich technology. Both segments are quite niche products but fulfil excellent performance in the direction of productivity and quality improvement.

Shut-off nozzles improve the injection moulding process; shorter setup time; less production downtime; controlled injection process.

The sandwich technology allows getting high quality products by using a combination of virgin and recycled materials. That helps to save resources and keeps the material in circulation. 

Within the Engineering part, we develop and design customer oriented solutions. Another part of our activity is the prototype development and manufacturing. 

KS Engineering GmbH is a small company with a qualified wide diversified network. The company is flexible, fast and up-dated. 

Your problems is our business!