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Gesteuerte Düsen

The lever-operated shut-off nozzle, type L, is activated by means of air or hydraulic.

The power activated version guarantees a smooth and clearly open and closing function.

The plastic is not sheared to the extent as in a spring nozzle.

The control is integrated into the nozzle as a compact assembly unit.

The dimensions are very similar, hydraulic or pneumatic version. The hydraulic version has a cooling jacket to ensure a possible long life time. The cylinder is for safety reason special designed. In case of a pressure more than 600 bar, the system automatically opens.  It is possible to connect the lever onto a machine specific control unit.

The system is so designed that the pressure acting on the actuator should not exceed 10 bar (6 to 10 bar optimal) on pneumatic units. Hydraulic pressure should not exceed 70 bar. It is recommended to use 50-70 bar.