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The sandwich injection molding process is defined, that two or more polymers are injected one after the other through the same gate in one or more cavities.

A thin boundary layer of the first injected material solidifies.

The core remains plastic. The second now injected material fills the core.

The first material takes over the function of the skin. The process can be used for all thermoplastic materials. The sandwich can be used procedure, if functional, decorative or marbled molded parts are specified. It is possible to combine this process with other high tech processes like water injection.  (for example with water injection).

 Possible applications: 

Core material (inside) Skin material (outside) Advantages
Recycled material Virgin material Material cost saving
Foamed polymer Smooth surface Material and weight saving
Glass filled polymer Paintable surface Increased stability and strength
Colored material Transparent material Decorative effects
PE weld able PA not weld able Combination of characteristics