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Hot Side

In the so-called "hot side", the sandwich valve will be built directly into the injection mold.

The nozzle guided mold half consists of at least two parts - the part with the cavity and the part of the "hot side".

The 2K-Sandwich valve has, just like on an intermediate plate or a nozzle head, the same structure and features - combining and separating the melt flows of skin and core material.

The control of the mass is carried out by the shut-off nozzle function. The closing piston is operated by springs or a hydraulic / pneumatic cylinder.

The location of the injection point to the cavity of the form is optional.  The 2K-Sandwich-valve is built into the mold, i.e. a thermal break to the cavity is carried out at the nozzle.

The 2K-Sandwich valve is used in the version "hot side", where the injection point is located off-center to the mold clamping plate. Additionally in those cases were hot runner molds are used and multi cavities.